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The Project offers the set sessions and church visits below related to the locally agreed RE Syllabus as well as tailor-made sessions on request.   Please contact us for further information.  All sessions are conducted by the key schools worker with class teachers in attendance.


From September 2020 many of the sessions listed below are also available as classroom Zoom sessions hosted by the Key Schools Worker.






Key Stage 1

Key Stage 2

Godly Play



Lesson Sessions    

These lesson sessions can be also undertaken at a local Methodist church as part of a church visit as well as in the classroom.  Sessions specifically connected to the 2015 Havering and Redbridge Agreed RE Syllabus are shown with their Unit reference numbers.


Nursery (lesson sessions 30 mins. Godly Play 40 mins)             

Godly Play (play sessions)

The Easter story

The Christmas Story


Reception (lesson sessions 30 mins. Godly Play 40 mins)                      

Godly Play (play sessions)

Special people – Jesus  (EYFS Discovering the world A.)

Special stories from the Bible  (EYFS B.)

Special Places – the church (EYFS  C.)

Special times – Christian festivals (EYFS  D.)

Being special – feelings, care for others, what the Bible says (EYFS E.)

Special world – creation story (EYFS F.)


Key Stage 1 (lesson sessions 40 mins. Godly Play 1 hour)                    

Godly Play (art response sessions)

Christain artefacts and symbols (a hands on discovery session with artefacts) 

What do Christians do at Easter? (1.1)

How do we know that Easter is coming?

What special story is told at Easter?

How Jesus influences the lives of Christians? (1.2)

St Francis (who influences our lives)

How do the stories of Jesus inspire us today? (1.3)

What can we learn from the Christian creation story? (1.4)

In what ways is a church important? (Involves a visit to a church) (1.5)

What festivals do Christians celebrate? (1.6)

Who is a Christian and what do they believe? (1.7)

Infant Baptism (can be done in the classroom or as a church visit) (1.9)

How do we know that Christmas is coming?

Christian Weddings – (involves visiting a local Methodist Church)

The Bible as a special book


Lower Key Stage 2 (lesson sessions 40 mins. Godly Play 1 hour)

Godly Play (art response sessions)

Christain artefacts and symbols (a hands on discovery session with artefacts)

Why is Jesus important to Christians? (2.1)

How can Jesus inspire us? (2.2)

How is Christianity expressed in art? (2.3)

Christian worship, where, how and why? (2.4)

Why do Christians celebrate Easter, Pentecost and other festivals? (2.5)

Christians and commitments within the journey of life (2.6)

Christmas represented in art

Making a Posada Nativity set

Easter represented in art

What the Bible means to Christians?

How do Christians remember the events of Holy week?


Upper Key Stage 2 (lesson sessions 40 mins. Godly Play 1 hour)

Godly Play (art response sessions)

Christain artefacts and symbols (a hands on discovery session with artefacts)

The Bible as a source of wisdom (2.12)

Christian prayer, why is it important? (2.13)

What does Christianity say to us when life gets hard? (2.14)

Christian marriage (vows and commitments) (2.15)

Christian Charities (justice and poverty) (2.17)

What does it mean to be a Christian? (2.18)

Why is Easter important to Christians?                          




SEND Church visits


40 min sessions for small groups of SEND children based on interactive discovery of a church. 




Assemblies on any Christian theme or Bible story for Foundation, or Key Stage 1


Godly Play

We can now offer the extended list of Godly Play story workshops shown below.  All stories cover themes from the current Redbridge RE syllabus.  A full session lasts an hour and includes an art response. Sessions for Foundation include a play response and last 45 mins.  A session outline brief is available from the Project for more information and includes the roles of the storyteller, the teacher, and the doorkeeper. Stories marked * are adaptable for Foundation play response sessions.





The Flood                                          

The Great family                             



Moses and the burning bush          


Exile and Return                              



The Nativity*                                      

Boy Jesus in the Temple *                

Gift of the poor widow*                    

The Good Samaritan*                                    

The Good Shepherd *                        

Parable of the Sower*                       

Parable of the mustard seed*          

Feeding of the 5000*                                    

Jesus and Zacchaeus *          


God's gift/special places


Faith travels with you (the story of Abraham and Sarah)

Families and leaders

Challenge of the new/difficult task


Practicing religion away from home

What should a person of faith be like?

Faithfulness and loyalty

Christmas is special                                     

Growing up/learning

Values (story of the widow’s mite)

Being helpful neighbours

Being lost and found (the lost sheep parable)

The unexpected harvest

Diversity (this is a very short presentation)

Miracles (the life of Jesus) New

(the life of Jesus) New


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