Godly Play



Godly Play is a well-tested method of telling Bible stories by using symbols and objects as well as words. It values process, openness and discovery, in a creative and imaginative approach to religious education.


It includes the four processes of:-

  • Creating sacred space

  • Building and working in community

  • Learning religious language

  • Using religious language to make meaning

    A Godly Play session includes time to:-

  • Get ready

  • Tell a story using objects and artefacts

  • Explore the story more with open questions and discussion

  • Respond with a choice of art materials

  • Enjoy a simple feast and sharing

    Rosemary Privett

    Accredited Godly Play teacher and former headteacher in the Godly Play Schools Project. :-

    ‘Teachers who are using Godly Play in the classroom have found that the approach offers them alternative ways of approaching religious education and spiritual development and challenges long held views about the process of teaching and learning. Godly Play in schools challenges the ‘empty vessel’ model of education. The teacher must be prepared to learn with the children as well as teach them. The teacher must be open to the unexpected.

    In today’s classroom there is a climate of pace and rigour. The Godly Play approach slows down the pace of delivery but this doesn't mean that the rate of learning is slow.

    In today’s world when so much of a child’s time and how they use it is prescribed, the time in a Godly Play session, set aside for reflection and response, creates a safe space where children can explore their ideas more deeply and make meaning for themselves. It allows them to think ‘big’.

    In the current educational climate with its emphasis on the development of social and emotional aspects of learning, the Godly Play approach enables teachers to ‘build a community’ within the classroom, a community where children are free to wonder, explore possibilities and learn more about themselves in relation to others.’

    Taken from the Godly Play launch Brochure ‘I Wonder Celebration Booklet’ 2007 see www.godlyplay.org.uk for full text.

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